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eXtreme Mob Programming Kata

3 hours workshop from FesLe, with Błażej Drobniuch at Runroom

We will meet in person in the same place but practice remote programming. You will learn tools and techniques that support distributed teams and give you an advantage while working remotely from home.


About the kata

We will develop an airline feature using agile practices and techniques helping us to shift left our development process.

We will use a web browser remote IDE. 
We will code in Java and Cucumber.

You will need

  • A little programming experience (any programming language will do),
  • Bring your laptop or computer with a mouse.

We will find answers to these questions:

  • How to encourage people to do pair programming?
  • How to run a mob programming session remotely?
  • How to introduce TDD and BDD approaches in your team?
  • How to move from acceptance criteria towards specification by example?
  • How to talk with users and stakeholders to uncover hidden assumptions?
  • How to run an example mapping session remotely?
  • How to document your product using live executable documentation in Gherkin, instead of inconsistent and outdated documentation in Sharepoint?

The Event is Free

Places are limited to 20 people. You need to register to reserve your seat.

The event will be at Runroom headquarters in Gràcia (Barcelona) and will last about 3 hours, from 6pm to 9pm.

🍕 Runroom will be offering drinks and pizza 🍺


About the Speaker

Błażej Drobniuch

Błażej Drobniuch

Author of original training projects in areas of Product Management, Agile Transformation, Extreme Programming (XP) and Agile HR.
Speaker at 2023 LeSS Conference Berlin, AgileByExample ABE2022, 2022 LeSS Conference Warsaw, Motorola Agile Swarming 2022, IT Academic Days, AgileByExample. 
Lecturer at AGH University of Science and Technology. Author of articles on Agile.
Błażej on LinkedIn

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